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Michelle Ghazouli

Michelle Ghazouli, AMP

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To Empower, Inspire and Educate my clients to make the most effective and favourable decisions regarding their mortgage strategy and financial well being.

I believe we all share the same fundamental objectives in life when it comes to family, home and our future aspirations. We strive to maximize our opportunities and happiness within the context of certain realities. Blessed to be a mother of a beautiful family and happy home, I want to share and impart all that I have learned to help you optimize your chance to “have it all”!

With a passion for excellence and the drive and knowledge to make it happen, 15+ years in the mortgage industry have consistently earned me top awards and acclaim, but most important to me, the trust, friendship and loyalty of my clients and their heartfelt referrals. Consistently exceeding industry sales and professionalism standards, has earned me the respect from the broad range of industry lenders and top decision makers in the marketplace, further enhancing the service excellence experience for my clients. Extensively travelled and broadly educated allows me to connect with authenticity to the varied backgrounds and life stages of my clientele. As an experienced, caring professional, I am committed to providing insight, clarity and guidance to ensure you are in control of one of your most important financial decisions – your mortgage.

My mother always told me; “treat people as you yourself wish to be treated” and I will do just that, with sincerity, patience and honesty coupled with a whole lot of fun and wit. Knowledge is power and I am dedicated to helping you make your money work for you and not you for it. It is truly possible.

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Sometimes, the fewest words have the greatest impact.

I am so very grateful and humbled by the kind words that my valued clients have taken the time to write to express the impact my service has had in their lives. I genuinely appreciate every word. Although I do not work for these kind words and expressions of gratitude, knowing I am helping people daily makes my work most fulfilling and rewarding.

I share these testimonials with you only as a reflection and testament to some of the wonderful people I have had the privilege of working with.

I would love the opportunity to serve you and work hard for your appreciation — and perhaps your referral to friends and family some day as well.

With sincerest regards,,

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You are the best Michelle!! We love you


We purchased our "first" home, which is also a Rental Property and Michelle and her team were professional, thorough, supportive and extremely encouraging ! A true joy to work with ! They are very knowledgeable and strive to make sure their clients are well informed. We are on the road to FINANCIAL SUCCESS ! Thank-you Michelle and Team !

Ann-Marie and Michael

The best mortgage broker.


Michelle has a highly educational, delightfully pleasant and no pressure approach to home mortgage options. I would recommend her highly!


Michelle helped me a great deal, took some of the pressure off knowing I could get a mortgage


Michelle Ghazouli is awesome and extremely helpful!


Michelle is professional, has provided great advice, has always been available in a timely fashion, and has looked after my needs with enthusiasm...a pleasure to speak with her...


Hi Michelle, I am responding to your survey for one reason and one reason only. I came to you almost 10 years ago and you helped me through one of the most difficult periods in my life. You gave me excellent advice. I am now in the most fortunate situation that I will be able to pay off my mortgage when the anniversary date comes up next year. Thank you for making my retirement years worry free.


Well informed meetings including taking the time to explain how mortgages work in laymen's terms. Friendly and welcoming!


When it came time to buy our first home, you were recommended to us. And when it came time to renew, you called us! We needed a hand with all of these financial things and we always put our total trust in you. After all, you are the expert. Thanks for everything you do for us.

Jenn and Mark

Very friendly and professional service. Very knowledgeable


I am currently working with Michelle on refinancing and I found her to be extremely professional, caring and very easy to chat with. She is non-judgmental which can be rare in her profession.


Michelle's business practices and services are the definition of going above and beyond. In a time of need, we would not have gotten our house had she not come to our aid. We cannot thank her enough for all she has done for us. Any broker or bank can get you a rate... but rarely do you see someone who truly loves what they do, and truly understands and cares about their clients. I send all my friends and family to her because I know they are always in great hands! She is second to none in service, knowledge and skill.


We were introduced to Michelle from a friend from the first meeting we felt very comfortable with her and her advice and to this date she has never steered us wrong. Any doubts just setup a meeting and find out for yourself you will not be disappointed.

Joe and Lisa

Michelle and Warren are an integral part of any home purchase whether it is your first home or second or third rental property. The knowledge and information they provide makes it all a very smooth process. Michelle's and Warren's financial knowledge and ability to make it happen no matter the circumstances is fantastic. I recommend them when ever I get the opportunity.

Ron and Jill

Michelle, Your guidance and advice has never led me astray. For that, I am forever grateful.


The absolute best there is! Michelle ALWAYS puts the customer first!


Michelle was very easy to work with ... selling one home and buying at the same time in Toronto, was a stressful and well executed decision ... she is knowledgeable and her warmth and compassion helped put me at ease and it was easy to put my confidence in her at this most challenging time !!


Thank you Michelle and Warren for your superior customer service skills and for always making our mortgage situation easier. You both are awesome.


Professional, knowledgeable and friendly service.


Michelle is absolutely amazing she made getting a mortgage so much easier then I ever imagined it would be.


Do not call anyone else but Michelle, she is the answer to any of your financial or morgage needs. I have many satisfied clients that would agree.


The service provided by Michelle and her company was above and beyond our expectations. Her courtesy, professionalism and promptness was greatly appreciated. She gave us the freedom that we needed to continue our life. We have nothing but praise for Michelle and her company.


We purchased both our starter home, and now our family home through the financial services provided by Michelle and Warren. Due to our financial situation, it was very difficult to obtain our first home but Michelle and Warren provided incredible support and guidance. The banks made us feel like we didn't belong! Now after following Michelle and Warrens guidance for almost 10 years we are financially secure and have strong plans in place for the future – The banks are singing a different tune these days! My wife and I would strongly recommend having that first chat with Michelle – It will be well worth it!!

Chris and Andrea

Michelle was great. She explained all our options in a clear and open manner. Her no nonsense, straight forward approach made the process of getting our first mortgage painless and easy.


I have worked with Michelle for a number of years and I have always found her to a fountain of information while being very approachable. I can recommend her without reservation.


Mico Financial and the associates have always been very helpful and friendly. They have always found me a great mortgage rate with both of my homes.


Thank you Michelle for helping me find a great mortgage at a great rate as a single self-employed person. You're also just lovely to deal with. I would recommend you to anyone!


I trust Michelle's judgment and feel very safe with all her decisions she has made for both my wife and I. She is our go to person for financial advise.


We love Michelle!

Robert & Kerry

Michelle is the reason I have been successful. She was highly referred to me on my first home purchase. Michelle guided me through the process, was respectful to my comfort levels and ultimately put me in a position that has propelled me more than I could have done on my own. I have since referred Michelle to others and will continue to do so. Knowledgeable, friendly, professional and genius!


Michelle is knowledgeable and thorough and has provided me with excellent survice in finding me a mortgage at the most favourable interest rate.


I have only recently met Michelle and she has already shown me how working with her and her company can make financial life a lot better. Thank you for your guidance and expertise.


Michelle is the best Financial Advisor I have ever dealt with, she is friendly, smart and always keeps in mind what is best for her clients. I recommend her highly.


Not only a great financial resource but also a great person to know.


I have found Michelle to be very professional and extremely knowledgeable about mortgages. She presents information so that is clear and easy to understand for the client. I will continue to use her services to get me the best deals.


Michelle is not only very competent, she openly shares approaches that may address issues; she has met with family members to assist them as well; I highly recommend to Michelle to people who may need to take action to a deal with problems or opportunities.


Michelle is extremely competent and goes above and beyond with her role. As my mortgage advisor, I have experienced her wealth of knowledge and advice that has made a big impact on my overall financial decisions and outlook of what is possible. Thank you so much!


You are the best.


Michelle and Warren are the perfect blend of knowledge, professionalism and personalities. Their professionalism, sense of humor, high attention to detail and fast turn around time has led me to send many referrals their way!


Michelle, you are very professional and to the point. You always returned calls and answered my questions. You gave me an excellent mortgage and saved me a bundle of money. Thank you for this. I will recommend you to everyone I know that needs a mortgage or if I hear of anyone I will give them your number. Thank you for making my dreams come true.


Michelle services are awesome and she is always happy to help and to find a solution. Great job.


Michelle has provided significant help to me when no one else would. She is knowledgeable, caring and inspiring. Thanks Michelle for saving me and my daughter from financial ruin.


Michelle Ghazouli has been great with all my mortgage and finances over the years, I trust her advice about any financial needs, and also a good friend.


My husband and I have recently retired to Arizona. Prior to that transition, we used Michelle's services and can honestly say that she is the most knowledgeable and personable person we've run across in the mortgage industry. We sincerely thank her for all the times she provided valuable assistance!


When looking to purchase our first home, we honestly didn't feel like this large investment was something we were able to afford as we had been renting for the better part of 8 years. With Michelle's knowledge and insight into the housing market, she made it VERY clear that we could not afford to NOT purchase a home and made the mortage application so easy and trouble free. Our house has gone up substantially in value over the past 7 years. Thanks to Michelle's exceptional advice and personalized service we have a wonderful return on our investment!


Michelle is the brightest Mortgage mind I have ever met in my 27+ years in Real Estate. If your looking for mortgage advice, I would strongly recommend talking to Michelle.


Michelle provided us with the various lending options available to us, gave us guidance based on our needs, and responded quickly to our questions. She turned a potentially stressful process of getting a mortgage into a pleasant experience! We frequently pass along Michelle's contact information to friends We're very happy clients and will definitely use Michelle's services in the future! Thanks, Michelle!

Sally and Jakub

Michelle! Was fantastic at helping us twice with remortgaging. I have referred two co-workers to her and would not hesitate to send someone to her again.


I met Michelle when I bought my first home. She and her family welcomed my wife and I into her home office with open arms. She spent the time that was necessary to make me feel comfortable with my own decision. 4 houses later she is still my #1 recommended financial friend! Thanks Michelle!


We have enjoyed working with Michelle over the past 10 years. She is very professional and has always been a great help to us. We would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Michelle and we wish you well in your future endeavours.


When looking to purchase our first home, we honestly didn’t feel like this large investment was something we were able to afford as we had been renting for the better part of 8 years. With Michelle’s knowledge and insight into the housing market, she made it VERY clear that we could not afford to NOT purchase a home and made the mortage application so easy and trouble free. Our house has gone up substantially in value over the past 7 years. Thanks to Michelle’s exceptional advice and personalized service we have a wonderful return on our investment!


Nothing but pure up-to-date industry knowledge, trends and information, presented in a very personal but no-pressure format, complete with honest answers to every question. Mortgages made simple - and money saved! Michelle is fantastic, and gets a two-thumbs-up recommendation!


I greatly appreciated Michelle's thorough professionalism and exceptional service in handling my mortgage.


Great service! Michelle makes my life easier


Michelle has provided me with outstanding advice in regard to my mortgage and her sincerity and knowledge has been a true gift. I would not consider using anyone else to do my mortgage with.


Michelle Ghazouli is an inspiration to me, and should be to women everywhere who could use a little eye-opening towards their financial circumstances. Tough in business but gentle with people, she's smart, funny, and truly fabulous! I wholeheartedly recommend and appreciate working with her.


Michelle explains in detail, using language which is easily understood, the process of financing the purchase of a property and the best most cost effective way of procuring a mortgage. She does this in the most professional manner. Michelle holds your hand throughout this process when it is necessary to do so (especially if this is your first experience purchasing a property). I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who needs this service.


Michelle and the Mico Financial Team have consistently blown us away with their knowledge, attention to detail and real personal touch. From simple to very complex, the same 110% performance was delivered. We are VERY happy customers!


Michelle has been a most trust-worthy, honest and friendly addition to my financial health planning and co-ordinating. Thanks so much Michelle!


You were great with us and our son. We never want to have a mortgage again. My daughter may be interested in financial seminar. I will contact her in case. ps hope you and yours are well! We are presently living in Ecuador....

Janet and Paul