Sonja Rowhani

Sonja Rowhani

Mortgage Agent,
FSCO Licence # M12002041

MICO Financial,
FSCO Licence # 11736

Office: 905-830-9669
Cell: 905-252-1713
Fax: 905-952-0738

My mission is to help you achieve financial stability and the freedom to reach your financial goals by finding the mortgage product best suited to your needs. Whether you are starting out and buying your first home, re-financing your existing home, adding a rental property to your portfolio, renovating, or consolidating some debts, I will find a product that works for you. I will help you navigate the bewildering amount of options that are available on mortgages and advise you which will serve you best.

It would be an honor and a privilege to help find the right mortgage product for YOU!

Current Mortgage Rates

1 year 3.59% 3/04%
2 years 3.74% 2.89%
3 years 3.89% 2.89%
4 years 3.94% 2.94%
5 years 5.59% 2.74%
7 years 5.80% 3.44%
10 years 6.10% 3.70%
Prime 3.95% 3.95%
Variable 3.95% 2.95%

*rates subject to change without notice