Peter Lohasz

Peter Lohasz

Mortgage Agent,
FSCO Licence # M10000857

MICO Financial,
FSCO Licence # 11736

Office: 905-898-3813
Direct: 905-392-2436
Fax: 905-898-7337

We are all inundated with paper and things to review. You may ask, why would I bother to read this message? If you prefer to keep your money in your pocket, then I urge you to read on.

I am a mortgage agent but I'm not going to preach to you about best rates, products and services – these should be givens from any professional. I'd like to focus on what sets me apart from other agents and the banks.

First, I have a strong professional background as an educator. I will teach and explain things to you so that you will understand your options. You will be empowered to make educated decisions about your money and future.

Second, I have the ability to analyze and think outside "the box." I will assess your financial and mortgage situations, understand your short and long term goals and find the best match in the ever changing and complex world of mortgage financing. I am in contact with more than a dozen lenders so that I can find a solution that suits your needs and goals. As a broker we have access to most lending institutions in the market place and I am certain I can find a solution.

Finally, I will provide prompt, personal and continuous service to you. I will exhaust all options.

Whether you're looking for a home, an investment, to use the equity in your house or to improve your cash flow, I can teach you about your options and provide you with the opportunity to get the maximum benefit from your situation. The only cost to you is time. I'm certain our conversation will pay you dividends.

I hope you give me the opportunity to serve your future mortgage and financial needs.

Current Mortgage Rates

1 year 3.59% 3/04%
2 years 3.74% 2.89%
3 years 3.89% 2.89%
4 years 3.94% 2.94%
5 years 5.59% 2.74%
7 years 5.80% 3.44%
10 years 6.10% 3.70%
Prime 3.95% 3.95%
Variable 3.95% 2.95%

*rates subject to change without notice