Dave Ellison

Dave Ellison

Mortgage Agent,
FSCO Licence # M12001095

MICO Financial, FSCO Licence # 11736

Direct: 905-898-1572
Fax: 905-898-1572

Mortgage Brokers do millions of dollars of mortgages every year, giving them more financial leverage over the lenders versus an individual application. There are many mortgage lenders and a wide variety of terms and options available along with ongoing changes in the mortgage regulations. Finding the right mortgage solution for your particular needs requires somebody familiar with all of them. You might not even understand some of the options and how they could impact you in the future.

I will explain them to you. I work with the team at MICO Financial to determine the right solution for your scenario. After 25 years working professionally in engineering, I am now working full time as a Mortgage Agent. I am very familiar with the skill set and service sensitivity to exceed customer's expectations.

While I live in Newmarket, my mobile office can support your availability. Please feel free to contact me at 905-251-3448 or at DaveEllison@MICOfinancial.com

Current Mortgage Rates

1 year 3.59% 3/04%
2 years 3.74% 2.89%
3 years 3.89% 2.89%
4 years 3.94% 2.94%
5 years 5.59% 2.74%
7 years 5.80% 3.44%
10 years 6.10% 3.70%
Prime 3.95% 3.95d>
Variable 3.95% 2.95%

*rates subject to change without notice